Step into the magical realm

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The Tale of The Magic Box Collection

Introducing The Magic Box Wine Collection, a spellbindingly delicious range of wines that will astound your palate with superior flavour.

Behold — each sip of these breathtaking wines will delight and enchant every taste bud!

The Magician

Comprising of spectacular Shiraz, amazing Cabernet, wonderous Chardonnay and remarkable Rosé, The Magic Box Wine Collection will increase your appreciation for intriguing nectars.

The Pepperbox

Deep purple in colour, the Pepperbox shows abundant red berry fruits including raspberry and dark cherry. Careful oak integration allows the rich fruit to shine while vanilla and caramel flavours give this soft, full flavoured Shiraz exceptional length and complexity.

Pairs well with

Full flavoured dishes such as smoked beef brisket or braised beef ribs for the ultimate magic spell.

The Cedarbox

Deep purple in colour, and showing powerful black fruit including blackberry and plum, the Cedarbox is unmistakably Cabernet and has a soft yet powerful tannin profile. The fruit weight is balanced with oak flavors of vanilla and mocha.

Pairs well with

Full flavoured dishes such as slow-cooked lamb roast with root vegetables or rich tomato-based pasta to enchant any dinner guest.

The Berribox

Berribox displays lifted strawberry, white peach and red cherry aromas. On the palate, vibrant red berry flavours combine with some soft spice finishing with a crisp refreshing crunch.

Pairs well with

A cold picnic of prawns and smoked salmon or grilled chicken and Mediterranean vegetables off the BBQ to really cast a spell on your taste buds.

The Butterbox

Butterbox Chardonnay displays elegant citrus and tropical aromas. On the palate there is ripe tropical fruit with a distinctive buttery, vanilla complexity from oak maturation finishing fresh and intense. A smooth and sophisticated incantation.

Pairs well with

Grilled seafood or chicken, or rich cream or white wine-based pasta dishes for a magical culinary combination.

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